Top Highlights

Brand – BOSQ

Colour – Black

Material – Nylon

Product Dimensions – 53D x 45W x 115H Centimeters

Size – Mid Back

Back Style – Solid Back

* Ergonomic Excellence: Designed with precision, the BOSQ High Back chair boasts an ergonomic design that promotes comfortable seating, helping to reduce strain on your body during long work hours.

* Advanced Mechanism: Experience effortless adjustments with the chair’s advanced mechanism, allowing you to customize seat height, tilt angle, and lumbar support to your exact preferences, enhancing your overall comfort and well-being.

* Adjustable Arm Rests: Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable armrests, providing optimal support for your arms and shoulders as you work. Achieve the perfect arm position to prevent discomfort and maintain productivity.

* Breathable Mesh: The chair’s breathable mesh material ensures proper ventilation, preventing overheating and keeping you cool throughout your workday. This feature promotes air circulation and enhances overall comfort.

* Luxurious Seating & Heavy Duty Base: Indulge in the luxury of the BOSQ High Back chair’s plush seating, offering a premium sitting experience that combines both comfort and style. Its quality construction and attention to detail ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable use. The chair is built on a sturdy heavy-duty base that provides stability and durability, accommodating a range of body types and weights. This robust foundation ensures the chair’s longevity and reliability.

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